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 Dr-X Application

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PostSubject: Dr-X Application   Dr-X Application EmptySat Jun 19 2010, 10:36

Country: Norway

How long do you play Navyfield: on and off for about a year

How much online: depends from one battle to a couple of hours (got two baby kids so they allways go before the game)

Headset: Of course... i'm tired of not having anyone to talk to while playing.

Ex fleets: None

Motivation: I'm tired of playing solo and want someone to hang with. (i miss the community from my eve online days)

Why fleet EU: well after looking through several fleet homepages iI finaly landed on this one since it's the only one who actually wrote something about the clan itself. Oh... and it's full of EU players (that fits my timezone better :p)

What ships do you have;
SS: tier 1 IJN ss (my main atm)
CL: 1 x PCL (allmost never use it though)
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Dr-X Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dr-X Application   Dr-X Application EmptySat Jun 19 2010, 21:18

Hey welcome mate, tnx for finding us Razz,
And offcourse, eu people are extra! welcome haha clown.
You can pm me ingame for joining or something, if you want offcourse, enough other fleets, so up to you!
We are growing so we can use your humor always in the fleet Laughing
Ingame fabianb
So.. call me fabian ^^

[For joining ask yar3000(1st Europe sq) me (main sq) or awakill14 (now one, tomorrow i think or something)]

Regards Fabian mate Very Happy Have fun playing nf
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Dr-X Application
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