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 gnurckk application

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PostSubject: gnurckk application   gnurckk application EmptyThu Jun 03 2010, 22:48

Country: Sweden

How long do you play Navyfield: I guess i have played about 3-4 years but i have been ofline large parts of the time

How much online: Depends from 1 battle a day to 6 hours depending om mood

Headset: i use mu sterio but have a separate mic

Ex fleets: Exiles, AE, Nordics, Cav,donĀ“t remember name and shark.

Motivation: Mostly to meet new people in the game and to play with those but all fleets have either have people shortage, problems with the game or no active players.

Why fleet EU: Hopfully this fleet will stay alive and not experience the problems that i have had with the other fleets that i have been in.

What ships do you have;
CV: Collossus uk
CA: Admiral Hipper ger , Northampton us
DD:z.99 ger , Fubuki ijn
FF: i think i have one in neutral port not sure
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gnurckk application
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